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Wi-Fi has become a completely integrated part of the everyday lives of most of us, and here at we are passionately following along as the technology in this area advances. It is no longer exclusively computers and phones that depend on an internet connection but also other things such as tablets, alarm systems, SmartTV, printers and so on.

We can offer a solution that will ensure high performance and functionality. We don't compromise with quality and because of that we are able to offer the newest technology that will make your infrastructure effective, stable and functional long into the future. We work closely with our costumers to ensure that we come up with the perfect solution for you. We would be happy to swing by and give you a demonstration!

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When working with larger wireless networks that span over big areas, there can be a lot of interference on the network. Microwaves, Bluetooth and radio-controlled toys are a few examples of items that can disturb the frequency that a wireless connection operates on. CleanAir is a new technology the repairs and optimizes wireless networks.


An advanced RF sensor in the accespoints makes this happen by scanning for sources of interferrence in the same frequency that is utilized by the accesspoints. The accesspoints can identify up to 20 different sources of interference just like the ones mentioned above. When a source is identified, the CleanAir technology in the accesspoints can make the needed adaptations to adjust and optimize the wireless network.


Client Link 3.0


ClientLink is a technology that optimizes signal strength and signal/interferrense ratios for wireless clients, including mobile devices (smartphones and iPads). The ClientLink technology utilizes “Beamforming”. “Beamforming” is a technology that allows the accesspoints to read the timedifference  on signals received by it's antennas.


This is used to determine where a clients physical location is on the network and then to send out an optimized signal from it's internal antenna that will reach the client at the optimal time. The result is a significant 

improvement in connection speed for clients that might otherwise have been just outside the range of an optimal connection.



Roaming is a technology that makes it possible to move unhindered in a larger area (E.i. from one end of a school to the other) without encountering any issues with your wireless connection.


The Roaming technology allows the accesspoints to judge when it's optimal for a client to be moved from one area of coverage to another and thereby securing the client the optimal connectivity and as little interruption to stability and network speed as possible.



If a classroom full of students are streaming videos at the same time, it can have great effect on the efficiency of a network that isn't properly set up.



The products that we use from Cisco utilizes a technology called VideoStream as a countermeasure to this issue. VideoStream can identify streaming on a network and converts the data-packets so that the streamingtraffick takes a much smaller toll on the network.

Band Select

When talking about wireless connections Dual Band technology is often mentioned. Dual Band means that you can utilize two areas of frequency (2,4Ghz and 5GHz).


Even though many devices utilize 2,4GHz, it's always preferable to be on the 5GHz frequency if possible. Here are more space, more channels and often fewer clients than on 2,4GHz.

Band Select is a technology we use, as it forces all clients who can, onto a 5GHz connection, thereby optimizing the clients connectivity.

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