Kjetil believes that every human is born with some kind of talent. Unfortunately, not everybody get the chance to prove that. That's what he tries to change. Kjetil knows a few tricks within Cisco and Ubuntu as well ;-)




Martin er vores IT-supporter. Han er ligesom den der holder hjulene i gang i kundernes maskinrum. De leverer problemer ind, og så får de løsninger ud. Nemt og godt !


West highland white terrier, and Wellbeing consultant


Linux loves us all -and our neighbours as well. When everything else feels hostile, Linux remain faithful !



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Once upon a time, Kjetil -the founder of Fleten.net - attended a game of football at a summer camp. On the field, there where kids, grown ups and more mature players gathered. When the crowd was divided into two teams, the team leaders chose the least obvious players first, leaving the presumable first choises to the last. 






That game was astonishing:

Small kids gained incredible self-

confidence, and skilled players was neutralized and frustrated.

Why not take the concept to business ? Give a chanche to small communities like Vang in Valdres in Norway, and Brædstrup in Denmark ? Or people that have talent, but rarely get the chance to prove themselves ?



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