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OpenStack is the leading open cloud platform and Ubuntu is the worlds most popular operating system for use with OpenStack. We will guide you through the process of building an OpenStack solution and provide you with the powerful management tool Landscape from Canonical. An OpenStack solution is extremely flexible, reliable and scalable.

If you need to expand or reduce your operations, OpenStack can do so effortlessly and with minimal expenditure. are Canonical partners and have gone through official OpenStack training so you are guaranteed professional handling of demands.

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OpenStack was founded on the idea to deliver a standardized platform that could be used to support all types of clouds, with a rich selection of features that should be simple to implement and scale. It is the most popular private cloud platform, and with good reason.

OpenStack is a platform for controlling the network, storage and compute resources necessary to support a cloud based data center. It comprises the hardware, software, APIs, user interfaces, virtualization mechanisms and countless other components needed to make a comprehensive cloud platform possible.

As mentioned above Ubuntu is the most common cloud OS used with OpenStack and Ubuntu just happens to be our area of expertise. Many large organizations use OpenStack in one way or another, including: BMW, Disney, Go Daddy, CERN, Lenovo and many more.

So If you are a company that is looking for a cloud solution for you data-center, you cannot go wrong with OpenStack.




Along with your OpenStack solution we will provide you with Landscape from Canonical. Landscape is a system management tool designed to let you easily manage multiple Ubuntu systems - up to 40,000 with a single Landscape instance.

From the Landscape dashboard you can apply package updates and perform other administrative tasks on all your machines. You can categorize machines by group and manage each group separately. You can make changes to targeted machines even when they are offline; the changes will be applied next time they start.


Landscape lets you create scripts to automate routine work such as starting and stopping services and performing backups. It lets you use both common Ubuntu repositories and any custom repositories you may create for your own computers.


Landscape is particularly adept at security updates; it can highlight newly available packages that involve security fixes so they can be applied quickly. You can use Landscape as a hosted service as part of Ubuntu Advantage, or run it on premises via Landscape Dedicated Server.


The advantages

of private cloud


If what you are looking for is effective use of your resources, manageability and security, this is definitely the solution for you. OpenStack is a private cloud solution.


That means that your servers will be hosted on your own premises or in your own network, safe from any prying eyes behind your own firewalls. You will be in full control of who gets to access what and from where.


Additionally you don't have to outsource security responsibilities, ensuring that you are in full control and don't have to rely on an external data-centers security settings. You are always going to have access to your servers, both physical and virtual.



We have gone through OpenStack training and have been working with the technology since 2013. We have been using OpenStack for a multitude of purposes. It is a very versatile system with rich selection of features.


OpenStack is an open-source platform that is constantly evolving, and so we are constantly staying on top of new developments, updates and features.


We consider this one of our areas of expertise, so if you have a question or just genuine interest in the subject, we would love to chat with you!

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